Validation of the Perception Scale of the Role of School Nurse on Greek Teachers and Parents

Introduction: Nurses are responsible for the health culture development in a school setting. Their skills and expertise make them the most suitable health professionals who will guarantee a healthy school environment. This topic has been investigated by few studies and the relevant tools have not been adjusted for their utilization to the Greek population. With the hereby study it was the first time that a questionnaire has been developed and adjusted for our country which looks into views for the role of the school nurse. Aim: The cultural adaptation and the assessment of reliability and validity of the "Perception Outcome School Nurse Role (POSNR)" questionnaire to Greek teachers and parents of primary and secondary education. Material and Method: A descriptive and correlational study was performed on a convenience sample of 313 teachers and 316 parents (n=629). The POSNR questionnaire was translated from the Turkish language of origin into Greek with the standard method of backward translation, while the tool was assessed for validity and reliability. Results: The majority of teachers participating in the study were women (72.8%), with a mean age of 44.4±10.32 years. Similarly, the majority of parents/guardians participating in the study were women, and in fact mothers (67.4%), with a mean age of 44.19± 6.38 years. The Cronbach’s coefficient for the overall scale was at 0.97. The inspection-re-inspection reliability analysis showed moderate interrelationship reliability (ICC = 0.65, p = 0.01). The factor analysis showed three factors for the Greek translation of the POSNR questionnaire, while 4 questions with a tension of <0.4 were removed from the model. Conclusion: The investigation of the characteristics of the scale demonstrates sufficient reliability and validity of the POSNR questionnaire in the Greek language. The Greek version of the scale can be used safely in order to explore the viewpoints of teachers and parents regarding the development of the School Nursing institution.

Category: Volume 60, N 4
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Created Date: 09-03-2022
Authors: Dimitra Tsekoura , Ourania Govina , Eugenia Vlachou , Eleni Dali , Anastasios Faros , Ioannis Kalemikerakis , Anna Kavga