Conflict Between Nurses in the Workplace: Theoretical Framework Identification Factors

Introduction: Conflicts between individuals and groups in the workplace are commonplace and affect the proper functioning of each organization. Numerous theories have been developed over time about the causes of the conflicts and their ways of manifestation in the hospital.

Purpose: The development of a modern theoretical framework describing the interaction of the determinants of conflicts in the hospital environment.

Material and Method: A review of modern bibliography in electronic databases (Pubmed, Cochrane, Scopus, Google Scholar) was performed with appropriate words of wit. The import criteria included the common language, relevance of the content, and methodology.

Results: The studies published so far have explored both the causes of the conflicts and their strategies of manipulation. The impact of conflicts, which sometimes work damaging and sometimes constructive, as well as the factors contributing to their development and development, are thoroughly analyzed in the bibliography.

Conclusions: All healthcare professionals should understand the causes, theories and conflict management strategies to make them effective. In order to resolve conflicts in all hospitals, organizational interventions, training and the implementation of an effective management program are required.

Category: Volume 61, Issue 2
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Created Date: 19-10-2022
Authors: Konstantinos Petsios , Maria Gamvrouli , Charalampos Platis