Qualitative research in six easy steps The epistemology, the methods and the presentation

Qualitative research is not only a research methodology that its’ utilisation has acquired an unabated eminence, but it is also a methodology that is very relevant to nursing practice and useful for the research and development of nursing knowledge. Nevertheless, there is a relevant writing deprivation in the Greek nursing literature with regards the conduct and evaluation of qualitative methodologies. The aim of this article was the review of the characteristics of qualitative methodologies and the development of a model of explicit steps for the conduct and evaluation of qualitative research. The method of data collection used to research the current article was a broad literature search using the computerised databases ovid, CINAHL and medline, and searching of relevant books by hand. The characteristics of qualitative research are the understanding and the interpretation of the research participants’ experiences and perceptions. For this to be achieved the following six steps need to be followed: (a) define the conceptual framework, (b) outline of the research question, (c) specify the sample, (d) explicate the data collecting method, (e) presentation of the data analysis methods and (f) detail the presentational and writing style. In the current model for conducting and evaluating qualitative research, these six steps have a logical articulation, specific characteristics and a definitive form as to enable and to achieve the aims of qualitative research.

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Created Date: 15-03-2007
Authors: Stefanos Mantzoukas