Health and culture

The aim of the present article is to underline the importance of culture and health relation, aiming to a better understanding of the client’s needs and consequently the improvement of the quality of care. In everyday life health is very important and it seems that culture has a direct role to play in the individual’s or community’s level of health. The concept of health is multidimensional and many definitions were written for it. Some of the factors that can be influenced from culture are alcohol, nutrition and sexuality. Each culture has its own beliefs, values and practices for health. Therefore, it is important that health professionals become aware as to consider seriously culture during the assessment of the client. Health professionals have to understand that culture is a parameter of vital importance for an effective and efficient promotion of health. Cultural competency of each health professional, particularly nurses is considered an essential part of their education.

Category: Volume 46, N 2
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Created Date: 15-06-2007
Authors: Christiana Kouta