Volume 53, N 2

Τα σημαντικά επιτεύγματα στον υγειονομικό τομέα κατά τα τελευταία 50 χρόνια έχουν οδηγήσει σε αύξηση του προσδόκιμου ζωής κατά ..
Introduction: Studies conducted in 40 countries of Europe have provided evidence that breast cancer is the most common cancer ..
Introduction: Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is a well-documented, evidence based course of long term management for patients with chronic heart ..
Introduction: Internationally the rehabilitation of patients with heart failure (HF) relies increasingly on nurses, both in hospitals and outpatient ..
Introduction: Various measuring tools have been used to estimate the outcomes of different forms of treatment for end-stage renal ..
Introduction: in recent years the scientific community has shown particular interest in investigation of the management of pain in ..