Violence against women The role of health care professionals

Domestic violence is the usual type of violence against women and consists a flagrant violation of human rights. According to the definition that was adopted during the 4th Global Conference on Women’s Rights, violence against women includes the physical, sexual and psychological offence that can take place either at home, in the community, or at a country level. In most countries, mainly European, violence against women is regarded as a social problem and is directly associated to sexual inequality. Approximately, 30% of women victims of interfamilial violence stated that their first violent incident occurred during pregnancy. Although research interest over the last decades regarding violence against women has been increased, further investigation of this issue is necessary. Additionally, the early detection of cases of interfamilial violence from health care professionals and mostly from those working in Primary Health Care settings is vital.

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Created Date: 15-06-2008
Authors: Victoria Vivilaki , Maria Daglas , Evridiki Patelarou