Men in "female" occupations Τhe role of gender in choosing and practicing nursing

During the last two decades there is an increased interest in the literature in relation to gender and how it affects the structure and operation of organisations. Today it is widely accepted that organisations can no longer be conceived as gender-neutral entities. Instead, it is continually assumed that they operate in accordance with the dominant masculine ideology. On the other hand, nursing is characterised as a highly female-segregated profession due to the fact that women form the majority of its workforce while men are still relatively few. This review has the objective to present the experiences of men practicing nursing. Through the analysis of trends, behaviours and processes it aims to underline and illustrate the disadvantages as well as the advantages that these male professionals obtain throughout their nursing career. In some cases male nurses are privileged due to their gender. In other they might face certain challenges that seek to compromise their masculine personality. Although most of these challenges derive from the wider social environment and are enforced by specific prejudices and stereotypes, they seem to have a significant role not only on occupational aspirations but also on issues of retainment within the nursing profession.

Category: Volume 47, N 2
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Created Date: 15-06-2008
Authors: Paraskevas Vezyridis