Boosting the Skills of Youth for Dealing with Stress at Work: Results of Boostress Study

Work-related psychosocial risks and stress, together with their associated negative health and business outcomes affect a remarkable number of European workplaces. Despite this effect, research shows that 70% of businesses in Europe have no procedures or systems in place for dealing with workplace stress. Aim: The purpose of this European Erasmus+ Program (Erasmus+Boostress project) "Boosting the skills of youth for dealing with stress at work" is the development digital tools to empower young professionals to better cope with work-related stress. Material and Method: The study was conducted in three European countries, Ireland, Cyprus, and Spain. Specifically 60 young professionals (20 per country) were chosen via convenience sampling and subsequently invited to participate in the study. A ten-question close format questionnaire was developed, using a Delphi approach and completed by all participants. The descriptive analysis was conducted by using SPPS 20b package. Results: A total of 60 responders from all three countries agreed to participate Ireland, Cyprus and Spain (response rate 100%). The majority of participants had no prior participate in training for stress-related topics, 95%, 91%,80%, respectively Irrespective of age or sex, participants considered themselves to be at a very high risk of stress development, 65% from Irelandων, 73% from Cyprus and 65% from Spain. The implementation of digital, ICT – based training was considered a useful and feasible approach to increase participant knowledge and skills and improve early intervention and prevention decisions. Conclusions: There is latent need for the training of young professionals on early stress recognition and appropriate management. The development of suitable digital and traditional learning material and the involvement of motivated and adequately qualified trainers are key strategies for the successful implementation of a relevant preventative intervention.