Emergency Department Information System: The case study of Papageorgiou general hospital in Thessaloniki

Abstract: The increasing presence of Electronic Health Recordings and electronic applications in the health sector is of interest and unique challenges, especially in the Emergency Department (ED). Unfortunately, there is limited Greek literature on addressing and implementing telematic technologies in the provision of ED health services in Greece. Professionals involved in the implementation of e-Health work to review the challenges and benefits of these applications, as well as the steps that can be taken to implement them in the ED, which manages a very large amount of information. The final application of clinical systems to health units to support day-to-day recording and documentation of the nursing practice has been a matter of great concern and reflection for decades. However, there are no clear guidelines for the success of a clinical information system of national scope. The aim of the present article is to review already applied e-health forms in Greece or abroad concerning a single Electronic Health Recording for each patient, the medical and psychological management of incidents in Emergency, the triage, the documentation of the medical and nursing practice, the providing efficient and quality healthcare provision and the urgent need for continuous recording and monitoring for further research and guidance. The study focuses on the policy pursued in the context of Greek reality and focuses on the case study of the Emergency Department of the General Hospital Papageorgiou. The extensive bibliographic review is the initial approach to the subject by studying all those factors that contribute to the successful implementation of telematics in the medical and nursing science, which will lead to the qualitative provision of health services. Finally, there are specific proposals for solving or improving the procedures for the successful implementation of information systems in the health sector.

Category: Volume 58, N 3
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Created Date: 15-09-2019
Authors: Chrysanthi Sostiriadou , Anastasios Tzenalis