Investigation of Ιncivility and Βullying in Νursing Εducation

Introduction: The international literature points out that nursing students experience negative behaviors from the medical and other staff in the healthcare field during their clinical practice. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the phenomena of incivility and bullying that occur against nursing students of the School of Health and Welfare (SEYP) of Technological Educational Institute of Crete. Methodology: This is an epidemiological synchronous study, conducted using an anonymous questionnaire designed by researchers. The sample of this study consisted of 300 nursing students. The statistical analysis was performed with the statistical package SPSS 18, with the Mann-Whitney U Test, Kruskal-Wallis Test and Chi-square test. Results: Cronbach’s alpha was calculated to be equal to 0.909 revealing high the reliability and internal consistency of the questionnaire. The majority of the sample answered that they rarely have experienced rudeness. When students were asked if they were ignored when asked a question, those in the higher semesters reported in higher rates occasional/often than students in the lower semesters. Also, for the exploitation of students (excessive workload or responsibilities), the percentages again in the big semesters are increased with the internship reaching 50.9% (n=28) (p<0.001). Finally, in terms of encouraging students to express questions and participate in nursing processes a significant percentage respond frequently / very often. On the contrary, in the same question in the third (C) semester the answer "never" is given by a remarkable percentage, (p=0,061). Conclusions: The vast majority of the nursing students do not experience severe level of rudeness and bullying, apart from the students who are undergoing or have completed their clinical practice, which identify some negative behaviors.

Category: Volume 59, N 2
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Created Date: 15-08-2020
Authors: Argyro Samiotaki , Aikaterini Saloustrou , Evridiki Patelarou , Athina Patelarou