Risk factors and health determinants in Greek population

The aim of this article was to present the fundamental health problems, risk factors and health determinants of the Greek population over the past years through a methodical bibliographical review. Effort was made to cover all parameters that effect and are related to the field of public health. Firstly the negative trends of the basic health indices are depicted regarding cardiovascular disease, cancer and road accidents during the period 1980 to 2004 followed by an analytical presentation of the basic health problems of the Greek population and their trends over the past years in comparison to previous Greek and European data. Finally, the health indexes that are strongly correlated to the population’s level of health and reflect their risk factors are also discussed. Conclusively, although Greece in comparison to other European countries still holds a strong position regarding life expectancy and basic health indexes, their rising trends call for immediate action.

Category: Volume 47, N 1
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Created Date: 15-03-2008
Authors: Evridiki Patelarou , Victoria Vivilaki