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Category: Volume 59, N 2
Introduction: The international literature points out that nursing students experience negative behaviors from the medical and other staff in ..
Category: Volume 49, N 3
Foetal intrauterine growth and development are determined by a number of factors. Monitoring of the developing foetus is necessary ..
Category: Volume 49, N 2
Meta-analysis is a term that refers to the statistical analysis of a dataset derived from several individual studies, aimed ..
Category: Volume 47, N 4
The period of gestation plays a very important role in both intrauterine and later childhood development. One possible negative ..
Category: Volume 47, N 2
Domestic violence is the usual type of violence against women and consists a flagrant violation of human rights. According ..
Category: Volume 47, N 1
The aim of this article was to present the fundamental health problems, risk factors and health determinants of the ..